Can't be Beat

Best Price Guarantee blows the competition out of the park with their top of the line training software, guarantee to pass and lowest prices in the industry. We are taking it one step further, if you find a better offer with another training solution we will beat it! Our training program is the best and now our prices can't be beat. If you are offered a lower price let us know.

Best Price Guarantee Rules and Exclusions

In order to qualify for our best rate guarantee a few condition must be met by the offer you received.

  • The offer must be publicly available and you must be able to provide a valid URL to the offer, or if you get the offer in an email provide us with the email
  • The offer cannot be expired
  • The offer must be available at time of purchase, you cannot use a past or future offer
  • The offer must be for the same product
  • The offer cannot be part of a bulk rate discount
  • The offer must beat our current prices for the same product
  • The offer must not have any other strings attached to it. Ex: The product X was only $1 if I purchased product Y for full price.
  • The offer must be within reasonable limits (to be determined by Ex: I was offered a free course with no string attached is not a reasonable offer. reserves the right to validate all offer claims before beating any prices. reserves the right the alter/change/cancel this program at any time with or without notice. will determine it an offer is within reasonable limits and has no strings attached

Have you been offered something that beat's our prices? Let us know about it and we will get back to you once we have verified all submissions details.

Please send an email to

The subject line should be "Best Price Guarantee". The following is a list of details you must submit along with your email.

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Phone Number
  • E-Mail Address
  • Full Mailing Address
  • What company sent you the offer?
  • How did you receive the offer? (E-Mail, Phone Call, Physical Mail, Website, Other?)
  • What was the offer? What product were you planning on purchasing and what was the price you were offered?
  • Submit proof of the offer so we may validate it. If it was an email, send us the email. If it was physical mail send us a scan or image of it. If it was a website send us the URL to the offer. If you got a phone call give us the name of the person who called you and a callback number. Other? Send us information that would help us validate the offer. The more information we have the quicker we will be able to validate the offer and get back to you.

Once we receive your email we will work to verify the offer and get back to you with a better offer if it qualifies for our best rate guarantee. Please wait to hear back from us before purchasing your product.

Guarantee to Pass

We have unwavering confidence in the effectiveness of our PreLicense Training online training system in tandem with our StudyHall testing center to ensure your success in passing an insurance pre-licensing course on your initial attempt. Hence, we extend a guarantee to pass!

In the event of non-success in the first attempt of the state exam and upon fulfillment of eligibility criteria, please follow these procedures:

  1. The student is required to enroll and make payment for both the Prelicense Training and StudyHall online training system prior to undertaking their initial State Exam. Additionally, students must demonstrate completion of the Prelicense training course and substantial engagement with StudyHall, including but not limited to the completion of each FINAL exam with a minimum score of 80%.
  2. The student must receive a FAIL result in the Official State insurance licensing exam corresponding to the purchased course type and state, limited to the first attempt only.
  3. Our Guarantee to Pass remains valid for a period of 1 month from the date of your initial unsuccessful exam. All requisite Guarantee to Pass documentation must be received within this 1-month timeframe to be considered.
  4. The student is obligated to send an email to with official documentation verifying the unsuccessful exam outcome.
  5. Upon thorough administrative assessment and approval of the submitted documentation:
    • complimentary access to the prelicense course will be extended for a duration of 90 days and StudyHall extended by 30 days.
    • In the case of additional purchases such as VideoCram courses, an extension of 30 days will also be granted at no cost.
    • One on One private tutoring time will be provided for up to 3 hours with a PLT instructor.